S. Nelson’s Captured is a heart-wrenching, emotional, sexy, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World.

To say I survived the unimaginable isn’t exactly accurate, because I didn’t.
I’m alive.
But I’m not living.
I’m existing, clawing my way from one day to the next.
My only saving grace is my job as a police officer, and it’s during a routine traffic stop one evening when the threads of my isolated existence begin to unravel.
One glance from Quinn Harris and I feel like I’m dreaming. And the more chance brings us together, the more I’m powerless to stop the uneasy feeling that I’m losing control.
She stirs up thoughts of something new and unexpected—of a life I’m no longer prepared to handle.


I’m done with men.
I trusted my ex and he broke my heart.
But life doesn’t seem to want to follow my plan, which is evident the moment I meet Nolan Bennett.
He doesn’t score high on first impressions. In fact, he is downright rude.
But as we continue to run into each other, I start to see another side of him, and I can’t deny I’m intrigued.
Against my better judgment, I give him a chance.
But again, life will step in and take over.
Only this time I don’t think either of us will survive. Not with an unknown link between us too painful to overcome.