Simply Complicated

My plan is simple. Proposition a man and extend a challenge: help me accomplish something I’ve never been able to do before with past boyfriends.
But there are rules.
He needs to be a stranger and someone who won’t judge me if I can’t cross the finish line.
Luke Sorenson, one of the most famous soccer players in the world, isn’t meant to be that man. He’s the guy I grew up next door to. The man who broke my heart ten years ago, then moved across the country and never looked back.
He also happens to be the one person in the world I can’t stand.
But as my best friend points out, he’s the best option.
Besides, it’s only for one night. What can possibly go wrong?


The last person I expect to see when I walk into a random corner bar is Olivia Brighton, the one woman I let slip through my fingers when I chased my dream a decade ago.
Not only do I run into her again, but I offer to help her out with her dilemma, and she accepts.
It’s supposed to be a one-time occurrence. One shot to prove my skills in bed.
But that one shot turns into a deal, which morphs into something neither of us predicts.
One thing’s for certain—everything is about to get simply complicated.