Twelve Beats Strong

A Knights Corruption MC – SECOND GENERATION Novella

I met the love of my life when we were teenagers.
I’m ashamed to admit I took her for granted early on, didn’t always treat her right.
Blame it on alcohol.
Blame it on immaturity.
Blame it on thinking I was invincible and could do whatever I wanted without serious repercussions.
By the grace of God, she stuck with me, but it was because of me she’d almost been killed.
It was the worst night of our lives, her attack irrevocably changing us both.
But now, over two decades later, we’re stronger than ever, and with Christmas fast approaching, I want to legally solidify our relationship.
I just pray she doesn’t shoot me down again.

This story was previously released as part of the now-unpublished anthology Twelve Bikers for Christmas.

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