I was happy being single.
No relationship drama.
No woman putting demands on my time.
I had my family and my club. I didn’t need anyone else.
But when a mysterious brunette walked into our clubhouse, something inside me shifted.
She wasn’t like anyone I’d ever met.
Everything I prided myself on, being unattached, emotionally unavailable, in it for nothing but sex… it all shattered.
But with the cartel still threatening the Knights Corruption, I kept her at a distance, treating our relationship as nothing more than casual.
When my plan backfired, she walked away. And I let her go without a fight.
Distance meant safety.
Or so I thought.
When another attempt was orchestrated against our club, I was forced to make a different choice.
There was only one issue, though.
I had to convince her to give me another chance.
Would my decision prove to be the right one?
Or would it all come crumbling down around us?

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