A chance encounter with two members from a local MC changed my life, but not in a good way.

At least, not at first.

After being tortured because of who my biological father was, a man I’d only met a handful of times, the president of the club gave me two choices.

Either end up in the ground or become a prospect for the Knights Corruption.

My decision was a no brainer.

Over time, I found my place, solidifying a bond with the men I never thought possible.

I fought alongside them in a war against a rival club, teetering between life and death multiple times, but I wouldn’t change a thing because belonging to the KCMC allowed me to meet the love of my life.

I’d do anything for her, including following her to Texas for her job. The move was temporary, and while we were there, I’d integrate with our Laredo charter.

But as always, life was full of surprises.

As events started to unfold, pieces of a dangerous puzzle being forced together, a new enemy came into play, the likes of which we’d never dealt with before.

To make sure my woman was safe, I needed my brothers at my back, once again ready to go to war if necessary.

Only this time, the outcome might be fatal.

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