Since my divorce, women have served a solitary purpose for me. The last thing I needed in my life was the headache of a relationship. I had no time or energy for anyone other than my son and my club.

But when a chance encounter with my son’s teacher turned into something I didn’t expect, I tossed aside all my reservations and took a chance.

I should’ve kept my distance.

I should’ve listened when she told me she had doubts about us, suspicions which she was yet to find out were justified, and let her walk away.

When our situation with the club heated up, posing a threat to everyone I knew, I could’ve convinced myself being without her was the best choice.

But I was selfish and refused to picture my life without her.

Will my decision to keep her close put her further in danger, exposing her to a life she never asked for?

And would she be able to find it in her heart to forgive me if my fear ever came true?

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